Two are the main assets animating Waymedia: creativity and technology. Other than supplying optimized proximity marketing systems, Waymedia is capable to help you in design and put into practice successful proximity marketing campaigns.

Waymedia modular project formula allows you to easily create successful campaigns combining information and advertisment, using accurate Executive Tools and Post Campaign Services tailored to your needs.

Campaign Project
Campaign Project

Campaign Project

Campaign Idea and Media planning
Designing of advertising contents, information and entertainment into an innovative Media Plan.

TechnologyDigital contentVisual communicationAllestimento e promoter
Executive tools

1 - Technology

Mobile Proximity Marketing optimized systems
Services platforms  to deliver contents trough Bluetooth, GPS, QR-codes, ecc…

2 - Digital Content

Custom Rich Mobile Content
Branded Java applications, Augmented reality applications, Video, Wallpapers, Ringtones, Animations, Premium Contents

3 - Visual Communication

Friendly solutions to hit your target
Custom roll up banner
Totem integrating Bluetooth and Touchscreen systems
Totem equipped with Digital Signage systems

4 - Sponsorship and development

Winner and all-involving Location
Support and location cured in detail to enpower the results of your campaigns

Reporting and StatisticsPress release
Post campaign service

1 - Reporting and Statistics

Integrated report system
Transparency and effectiveness certified by the CMS system of the Mobitouch Cube platform

2 - Press release

Popolarity and Press Releases
Campaigns Case studies editings
Press release editing, published on over than 40 sites