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Mobitouch Cube

Mobitouch Cube is our top of range product for Proximity Marketing and is particularly well suited for installations in bigger locations like shopping malls, retail stores, multiplex cinemas, airports, exhibition centers and railway stations.

The system is composed by an hardware part (hot-spot WLP-C) and by a software part called Campaign Management System (CMS) accessible from a web interface. The easy-to-use user interface allows to configure and manage a network of up to 10.000 hot spots from a central location. Each hot-spot can operate also in stand-alone mode and requires network connection only for synchronizing with the server.

Mobitouch CUBE features an on-line database which profiles over 2.000 mobile phones, allowing the system to detect the features of each mobile phone it gets in contact with and send the most suitable piece of content, thus maximizing the user experience.

Mobitouch CUBE is an open platform and makes available an Application Programming Interface (API) so that a 3rd party can build complex, interactive campaigns on top of the system combining advanced features like 2-way messaging and content forwarding. For instance it is easy to integrate the system with photo galleries and social networking sites.

Campaign effectiveness can be monitored in real time thanks to an advanced statistics and reporting tool which allows you to analyze and react to any event.
To know more please download the brochure or access the on-line demo.