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Isn´t it time for a different approach in Marketing?

No crees que ya es hora de hacer algo diferente con tu Marketing?

Main problem: advertisers’ time and money going down the drain. Poor return on marketing investment in many cases.

Your solution? Waymedia-Proximity

How?: We can help you set up an effective, one of a kind, proximity marketing campaign designed specifically for your product or service. An ongoing or a temporary proximity campaign that would impact the folks who actually are the most inclined to buy from you, at the right venue, and at the right moment. Either if you do just proximity marketing and nothing else, or if you combine this solution with other markerting efforts you are currently engaged with, the results will most probably be the same: Proximity Marketing (done with the right approach, reliable technology, and interesting ideas) will save you money and time, and the results delivered per each dollar/euro spent on your part will be greater than with any other channel.

Contact us right away and we’ll explain in detail how we can do this for you.

Some of the many problems faced by brands nowadays: 

  • Users growing increasingly inmune to typical advertising channels

  • Lack of impactful adverts

  • Lack of action enticing messages in the adverts

  • Lack of innovation when using the classical channels

  • Lack of real communication and 1-2-1 interaction between brands and users. No community is created around the brand, hence repeat business take up too much effort and too many company resources.

  • Untrackable results 

  • Inability to impact their potential clients at the right time & place

Your solution? Waymedia-Proximity

Contact us right away and we’ll explain in detail the things that we can do to make your life and your marketing easier.




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07 May, 2009
Category: General
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Waymedia Proximity continues their growth and the creation of business opportunities for companies and business people with a vision. You can now contact our regional Waymedia Proximity exclusive partner for Costa Rica and Panama in order to become a local client or local partner.

Waymedia Proximity Costa Rica & Panama (NABU):

Dirección: Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica
Teléfono: +50622827842 ; +50688601919
Email: [email protected]

06 May, 2009
Category: General
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You can know contact our Regional Partners Chihuahua & Northern Mexico and for Mozambique in order to become a local partner or direct client.


With the addition of Ideex solution in Chihuahua and WEZU Invetments in Mozambique as Regional Partners the Waymedia Proximity group reaches even farther. Potential local partners and/or direct clients in those regions may contact them at:


Waymedia Proximity Mozambique

Rua Caetano Viegas, 10, 1º Andar – Maputo – Moçambique
E-mail: [email protected]
Cell: +258 825845405


Waymedia Proximity Chihuahua and Northern Mexico.

Direccion Comercial
IDEEX SOLUTIONS S.A. DE C.V. // R.F.C - ISO 090116 T51

Solucion en marketing & Tecnologia Empresarial
Oficina: 614 410 6872   Cel: 614  153 8395  Skype: hector_trejo     Calle Progreso # 5,  Col. Centro.  C.P. 31000  Chihuahua, Chih.  www.blueideex.com
Hector Trejo <[email protected]>


Partnership opportunities: start developing your digital proximity marketing projects with a little inicial investment. Waymedia gives you, as a Partner, comprehensive support in: the set up of proximity marketing campaign, technical issues, mobile content creation, new technologies, upgrades and much more.

Tel: +34 687 88 20 62

[email protected]

Waymedia Proximity para Latino América. Una forma diferente de hacer Marketing. Oportunidades limitadas de pertenecer a la Red de Partners

Tel: +34 687 88 20 62

[email protected]