MobiTouch - Digital Proximity Marketing

MobiTouch is a complete suite for Digital Proximity Marketing applications and information systems. It is an integrated platform made of both Hardware and Software components.

Its main advantage is its full scalability: with MobiTouch, simple one-hotspot applications and complex wide-area networks can be easily deployed and managed from a single central console.

The architecture supports multiple connection technologies that allow system integrators to easily deploy complex topologies, such as Ethernet, WiFi (802.11g), GSM, GPRS/EDGE and 3g, Lan over Power.


Key characteristics

  • WLP HotSpots can work both in Standalone and Networked mode
  • Up to 8 Bluetooth 2.0 Class 1 Radios on board (3.0 Mbit/s, 100m nominal range)
  • Send any type of content (mp3, mp4, java, flash, 3gp,...)
  • Full featured CMS software included in package
  • Define virtual zones for device cooperation
  • Device recognition (simple or full) for optimal content selection
  • Connectable via Ethernet, ADSL, GSM, GPRS and WiFi 802.11g (54Mbps)
  • Scalable solution: plug-in new WLPs to increase either coverage or performance
  • Maximum campaign flexibility (competition mode, periodic, random content)
  • Define time slices for contents
  • Advanced functions like "no BlackList Zone" and "scheduling options"
  • Optional Battery Pack
  • Low power consumption (<4W in operation)
  • Extremely reliable: no mechanical parts, temperature range -20°C / +70°C (Optional -40°C / +85°C)
  • Optional IP-65 enclosure for outdoor use

Optional package for perfect roll-down of applications