Mobitouch CMS - Content Management System


Mobitouch CMS is a powerful application designed to address the needs of a wide range of users. It is suitable for the non experienced users to easily configure a single WLP to execute a proximity marketing campaign and is powerful enough to allow a network administrator to manage a complex network of distributed WLPs.


Its Main features include:


  • Configuration of WLP specific Properties such as Bluetooth Friendly Name, Coverage Area.
  • Definition of Multiple Campaigns in terms of: Start and duration, periodic settings, Virtual zone (more WLPs act together as a single unit), Content policy definition (Single send, Competition mode, Simplified device recognition, Exact device recognition).
  • Advanced Statistic reporting (contacts per time frame or campaign, type and details of targeted devices, unique hits) in graphical mode. Data can be exported in Excel format
  • General WLP Management (Content upload/deletion, Date and time settings, Restore of defaults).



Mobitouch demonstration video