Waymedia is the first wireless application provider specialized in context-aware and location-based services targeted to a wide range of devices (mobile phones, PDA, iPod,...)

Waymedia designs , develops , manufactures and sells a wide range of solutions (both customized and off-the-shelf) for Mobile Marketing and Location based services.

Waymedia offer includes also support and consultancy at 360°, for every phase of the roll-out of your application.

Completely designed and produced by Waymedia, the Wireless Local Provider (WLP) is a powerful and low cost Proximity Server which can be fitted with a set of wireless options (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS) to deploy a wide range of services.

The WLP basic fetaures enable the roll out of proximity-marketing campaigns and content distribution, its flexible architecture allows to be customized for specific needs and integrable in legacy eCRM

Main technical specifications:
wideband transmission (up to 750 Kbps)
free content distribution for dispatcher and end user
configurable coverage area (range 1 - 100 m)
standalone working mode (only power supply or optional battery is needed)
remotely manageble (via Internet or optionally GSM/GPRS Modem)
contents dispatch scheduler based upon user/hour/zone

WayMedia in the city

WayMedia in collaboration with a big Marketing Company, installed fourty of its WLP in the cities of Napoli and Bologna to promote world wide famous brands.

WayMedia wins the RICUBO fair

WayMedia projetcs has been awarded as the best innovative prize during the RICUBO event. Don't miss WayMedia CEO interview .

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