Mobitouch Cube

Mobitouch CUBE has been designed as to specifically satisfy any, and all, proximity marketing requirements, and particularly thought of to work across large areas (shopping malls, movie theaters, airports, bus/train stations, etc) through a network of mobile content distribution.

The system is made up of a harware component (hot spot-WLP CUBE) and a software web based component called CMS, or Campaign Management System. The systems presents a very user friendly, and intuitive, interface from which every single important aspects of the campaigns and the hardware can be controlled and monitored. The units can properly work even in a stand-alone way and synchronize themselves with the central server only when an internet connection is available.

Through accesing an ever updated data base, of currently more than 2000 different handset models, the system is able to identify each specific model, manufacturer, out of the detected handsets, and send each one the most suitable piece of content as to enhance the final user experience to the max. Every single detail related to a network of WLP-CUEB bluetooth units can be monitored, in real time, and results can be analysed through the use of a myriad of different advanced analytical tools.

Further more, Mobitouch CUBE is able to manage interactive campaigns, PUSH or PULL (users can ask for specific contents using an open source application released by WayMedia), and BIDIRECTIONAL campaigns (allowing users to deliver their contents to the units that in real time will forward them to third parties systems, such as fotogalleries or social networks).

It's available a complete on-line DEMO version of the administrative system, to test it just access

Mobitouch CUBE contains many other features and is constantly evolving. To go deeply into all the details of our bluetooth platform you can download the broucher using the link below.

Download brochure